Theme: Redefining the African Educational Pathway for Economic Development.


The Africa Education Congress (AEC) is an annual meeting of leaders and actors in Africa’s education sector, where they examine, discuss and develop common policy perspectives on a range of issues affecting the continents higher education sector, and to proffer solutions towards the molding of Africa’s development future. The event with the theme: Redefining the African Educational Pathway for Economic Development; is designed the buttress the importance and impact of the sector as a component of continent’s socio-economic development, while putting into perspective issues affecting the progress of the sector and reexamine it pathway.

This congress is organized by Edu-Insight Magazine, a Pan-African flagship education journal dedicated to showcasing the best of Africa’s education strides to a global audience. The magazine has created this platform as avenue through which in-depth analytical solutions will be proffered to the peculiar challenges being faced by the continent’s education sector, while shinning the spotlight on best practices and outstanding leadership contributions in all spheres of the African life.


The meeting will engage heads of education regulatory bodies in Africa,Policymakers, development consultants, ministers of education, representatives of higher institutions, chancellors of universities, professors, and other stakeholders, who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in Africa’s education system, with an agenda geared towards fostering economic and social change and the molding of Africa’s development.


The African Education Congress is designed to engage key policymakers in the sector and development stakeholders from Africa including:

  • Heads of Government Agencies and Education regulatory bodies
  • Vice Chancellors and Professors and other stakeholders in Africa’s Higher Institutions
  • Financial Institutions and Representatives
  • Development Agenciesand Consultants
  • Ministers of Education
  • Private Sector and Multilateral Organizations
  • Representatives of Public and Private sector  educational institutions
  • International NGOs/CBOs, etc.


  • Panel Session on Cross-border co-operation and regional integration, unlocking potential opportunities for investments in Africa’s educational infrastructure development
  • African Diplomatic Roundtable
  • Unrivalled Networking Sessions


The place of education as the bedrock of social and economic development cannot be over stated. Education is in every sense, one of the fundamental factors of development, and over the past decade, African systems and institutions have made efforts to reform, and innovatehigher education with more involvement of the private sector.

No nation can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Education enriches the people’s understanding of themselves and world, and raises the people’s productivity and creativity, improves the quality of lives and leads to broad social benefits for individuals and the society, promoting entrepreneurship and technological advancement. Education also plays a very important role in securing economic and social progress and improving income distribution.Having this in mind, it is fair to say that all aspects of economic and social developmentincludingHuman Capital Development, Poverty Eradication, Labour and Productivity, Technology and Infrastructural Advancement, etc. are directly linked to the education sector.

It is on this basis that the Education Insight Magazine organizes The Africa Education Congress, for stakeholders to contribute towards the discussions on the improvement of the African higher education sector, and the African Educational Excellence Awards, to recognize, celebrate and reward Africa’s top institutions and education stakeholders, who have demonstrated institutional commitment and are committed to the pursuit of excellence in higher education, who by dint of hard work, are molding Africa’s future, by fostering economic and social development through Education.

DATE &VENUE Africa Education Congress is scheduled for March 22, 2019 at the Sandton Sun Hotel, Johannesburg South Africa.